I am obsessed with intricacies and fine details. My process is a sorting ritual that revolves around this obsession.

As a little girl, I loved sorting beads. I would buy big bags of mixed glass beads and spend hours arranging them. The act of sorting allowed me to discern details and patterns that weren’t visible when the beads were randomly mixed together. I was amazed with how merely sorting cheap bags of trinkets and gewgaw could transform them into something extraordinary and beautiful.

Eventually, I sought to carry out my sorting ritual through other means. What kinds of patterns would emerge from resources such as anatomical drawings, text, cellophane tape, maps, carding machine diagrams, jellyfish, moss or gastronomic encyclopedias? My curiosity became overwhelming.

This portfolio is a record so far of my ongoing sorting experiment. Curiosity drives me to discover what will emerge when a variety of materials and imagery are applied to this process. I implement these resources in my sorting ritual through a variety of mediums, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and digital imagery. In many of my works, there is an element of surprise. The composition teems with details that can only be seen from close up. It draws the viewers in until their noses are pressed hard against the glass.